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Build a Digital Reference Library

Having survival books for reference when the SHTF is another prepping topic that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. You can’t be the expert at everything and being able to quickly and easily look up vital information in a pinch could be the difference between life and death. I encourage my preparedness audience to buy physical books for topics that don’t lend themselves well to Kindle or PDF copies; especially any books that you would need to carry around with you or leave out for easy reference.

But there is a place in every preppers supplies for digital books in their reference library. There are numerous advantages to such a digital resource and these include 1) Search, you can easily type in a word or phrase to find what you are looking for, 2) Space & Weight savings, you can house every book in the Library of Congress on a small hard drive and saving a much smaller collection is cheap and easy. It could even be accomplished storing the files onto a USB jump drive; I’d suggest something in the 16-32GB range. 3) Sharing; you can easily copy these electronic versions to another drive and share them with your neighbors.

So what should you download/scan and save?

  1. Manuals for any household items; everything from the bread maker to your TV
  2. The owner’s manual for your firearms
  3. Books and pamphlets on growing and canning food and raising animals
  4. Novels can make your down time pass much more quickly and relax your mind from all the bad stuff going on outside your door.
  5. Anything and everything you can think of. Hard drive space shouldn’t be an issue. If you think it’ll be useful to you during normal times, how much more useful do you think it will be when the SHTF?

Get started. Go start googling some of your favorite books and find the free versions where possible and buy the Kindle or PDF versions when needed.

Till next time, this is Ranger Mark signing off.

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