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Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry or EDC describes the items you consistently carry on your person on a daily basis in order be prepared for common situations. The above photo shows typical EDC items for the more tactically-minded individual. EDC can vary depending on your day job and the outfit you where. If you are an IT professional, your EDC will be different from a person who is a medical professional. An IT professional might add a USB jump drive and someone who is outside all day might add chapstick and sunglasses to their EDC.

My EDC is similar to the one above. Handgun, multitool, tactical knife, pen and notepad, phone and flashlight. Carrying a knife can one of the easiest and most beneficial additions to your EDC, if you’re just starting out. A simple Swiss army knife can go a long way to covering most situations.

The point is that you have an EDC kit whether you realize it or not and you only need to put some conscious thought into what you should add to your EDC to prepare yourself for everything from zombies to a splinter in your finger.

Till next time, this is Ranger Mark signing off.

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