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Food Storage 101

The whole idea of storing food for when the SHTF can be overwhelming. What do I store? How much? Where? Will it go bad?

I recommend starting simply with this basic philosophy, “Eat what you store and store what you eat.” If you eat spaghetti and pasta sauce once a week, slowly buy more of each of these ingredients whenever you go to the store. You don’t need to buy a years supply in one shot (even though you could) but you the journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step…or a single trip to the store.

Make a list of the foods you eat and slowly buy more of these and put them into your pantry. Remember, the enemy of food is heat and light. Don’t think you can buy some extra food and put it in your shed. Your food might not spoil but the nutritional value goes down greatly under hot conditions.

LDS Food Storage

The Survival Mom

Buying a large amount of freeze-dried food (assuming you’ve tasted some samples) could be an easy way to save up food and if stored well can last 20 years!

Check out Honeyville, Wise Foods, and Mountain House

There are plenty of good resource for food storage out there but this is a good starting point.

Till next time, this is Ranger Mark signing off.

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