Get yourself to a defensible position. The government will attempt to stem the spread of the CINS outbreak by containment. This will be impossible, but they will attempt it and it will cause unnecessary difficulties for you to protect your loved ones.

Your immediate priority should be getting to your safehouse (as previously discussed). If you have followed my advice to date your safehouse should be well stocked already – it should just be a matter of getting there as quickly as possible.

Get clear of the cities. After containment fails the government will assuredly lean on the nuclear option.

The social order is breaking down. Survival is paramount. Take care of your loved ones.

Once you are in your safehouse, buckle down. I will continue to share what I hear through various channels. I have a multiple-redundant system superior to the DoDs. When everyone else goes dark, you will still be able to find me.

Via: Fortify


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