Outbreak Day 3: Taking Stock

I hope you have been using your time well. The first 48 hours were a critical period. If you took my advice and not the “authorities” you should be in a secure, defensible location.

Wulff Post Latest: CINS CRISIS: HHS Discredits Claim of Waterborne Toxin But Still At Loss For Cause or Cure

— Wulff Post (@WulffPost) August 6, 2014

Despite HHS claims that the water is safe, I am opting to use my supply of water until I can personally verify their claims. I have enough supplies to support a female in addition to myself (I make the assumption that a female will require fewer calories and thus will not be a burden on my rations). If you are a female still seeking shelter in the greater Los Angeles area contact me. After vetting I will give you instructions on how to find my position.

I have visual evidence of infected animals in the region, but as of yet I have seen no humans, infected or not. It might be due to the extensive array of tripwires and mines around my property. I heard a few go off last night. I will have to replenish (I hope you are stocked up. Please see previous posts on assembling your own explosive devices).

VHF television is out, but radio is stable. The internet is less dependable but as you can see it works for now.

I’ll continue to post.

Via: Ranger Mark: Outbreak Day 3: Taking Stock


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