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The Underrated Prepper Skill; Getting Organized

Most beginning and many experienced preppers usually get hung up on one or two prepping topics and focus too much time and money on them. See if you can guess what one of the most common ones is. You’re right, one of them is guns & ammo. Now don’t get me wrong, guns are a vital item because how are you supposed to protect your preps without one…or 10? But let’s talk about a highly underrated prepper skill…organization.

I know it doesn’t sound sexy but trust me, how are you going to fight off the zombie biker gangs if you don’t know how many days of food you have stored up, or you can’t find your oldest can of soup? Being organized is a skill and as such must be acquired and built up over time. Here’s where I would start.

  1. Create a list of every item in your pantry and that you have stashed away, its size (oz, lbs, etc), and any expiration date mentioned on the packaging
  2. Have a system and stick to it. My system or your buddy’s idea of organization might not work for you but you need a system and respect it but using it.
  3. Label every item you buy from the grocery store with the date you purchased it and how much you paid. This allows you to notice the food price increases and how long something has been sitting on your shelf.
  4. Don’t be the only person in your household who knows where everything is. This makes for a single point of failure and everyone will be dependent on you. Share your knowledge of where preps are kept.

Those are a few actionable steps for today and I’ll revisit this list another time but for now, get your s%!&t together.

Till next time, this is Ranger Mark signing off.

Via: The Underrated Prepper Skill; Getting Organized


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