Why Preppers Should Own a Home Phone

How many people in today’s technologically-advanced world rely solely on their cellphone for communications? The answer…too many. I advocate that any prepper worth his salt will own an old-school corded phone like in the photo above. Why? Because landline phones don’t rely on electricity or antennas to be operating in order to work. A thunderstorm could knock out the power to your neighborhood but you can still make phone calls using a landline. A cordless phone is a nice-to-have for when the power is one but you better have one of these corded ones or you’ll be wishing you had picked one up for $1 at that flea market last year. Call your local phone company and they will activate a line in your house and you can have a basic account for about $10 per month. Think of it as insurance for when cellphones don’t work.

Many preppers say “Two is one and one is none” meaning you should have redundancies in your preps. This goes for communications too.

Till next time, this is Ranger Mark signing off.

Via: Why Preppers Should Own a Home Phone


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