Your Place in the New World

By now, the world has fallen into chaos. If you have listened to my warnings and gotten to your safehouse, you must now undertake one of the most difficult phases in our transition to the post-outbreak world: you must wait.

Wait for the government to destroy itself. Wait for the foolish to perish. You have supplies. You have ammunition. You will be one of the survivors.

Don’t be afraid to defend yourself, your property, or your companions. It is your God-given right as an American. But do not allow your emotions blind you to abnormalities in your loved ones. Anyone may be infected.

Remain vigilant for symptoms of the virus in yourself and loved ones. Avoid anyone with black eyes or black blood– it might be you!

I will remain in radio contact as I too weather this storm. We are ready. We will emerge on the other side, and whatever the new world looks like, we’ll be ready for that too.

Via: Your Place in the New World


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